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“Strange Bedfellows”

Set of 8 Original Lobby Cards / Colour Front Of House Stills

YEAR : 1964
Director : Melvin Frank

Cast Info:

Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Gig Young, Edward Judd, Howard St. John, Terry Thomas, Arthur Haynes


All Cards have Yellowed with age, any additional defects listed below..

Top Left Card               : 2 pinholes at the top center, Creasing across the top (in border and just below), Light Creases on Hudson’s shirt and Lollobrigida’s Night gown, Lightly dented and slightly grubby corners.

Top Center Card         : Pinhole near the top center, surface is heavily creased especially around the corner sections, outer border is a bit grubby in places.

Top Right Card           : Small edge tear on the left edge center, Thick crease line across top left corner, Light creases across all corners, small spot of print loss just above drivers left shoulder, Light surface creasing mostly around the edges and on the left side (including through the driver).

Middle Left Card         : Pinhole near top center, Light surface creasing mostly around the edges, very mild edge wear.

Middle Center Card     : 4 pinholes just left of woman’s head (near top), 2 pinholes near the top center, 1 pinhole near bottom center, Thick crease across bottom left corner, Small spot of print loss on policeman’s helmet (the one at the back right), Light surface creasing mostly around the edges, top border is a bit grubby on the left,

Middle Right Card      : Three 1cm (approx.) edge tears on the right edge and one on the bottom edge, Crease marks around the bottom left corner section and through Lollobrigida’s Night Gown, Other light surface creasing (mostly down the left edge), Top border is a bit grubby on the right.

Bottom Left Card         : Several light creases through Hudson’s Jacket and just left of Lollobrigida’s head, Small spot of print loss on Hudson’s right jacket lapel, Light surface creasing around the edges.

Bottom Right Card       : A couple of crease lines in Lollobrigida’s hair, Small dark spot in the left border (bottom), lightly creased corners.

Description :

Set of 8 Original Lobby Cards / Colour Front Of House Stills (F.O.H. Stills)

**Properly categorised as colour front of house stills as opposed to lobby cards.**

Size :

8 x 10 Inches / 20.4 x 25.4cm approx.

Printed in UK / USA ?

Price: £50.00

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