More About Posters

All our posters are the originals used in cinema Lobby's to entice the moviegoer with artwork that instantly tells the tale of the film.
Each poster is unique in it's own condition as they have come from working Cinemas, so please read the descriptions of all posters especially if we have multiple copies of any particular movie as one copy may be in mint condition and another less than perfect.

The vast majority of our posters are the UK Quad size which is approx 30 x 40 inches giving a landscape 4:3 image which is a natural ratio for viewing a film.

We also have UK and U.S. One Sheet posters which are approx 27 x 40 inches with a portrait aspect (Older U.S. One Sheets tend to be slightly larger at 27 x 41 inches)

Most posters printed before the mid 1990's were sent out folded to the cinemas so it is quite rare to find rolled posters of that time.

Most modern posters are now sent double-sided which means that a reverse image is printed on the back of the posters so that when displayed in a lightbox at the Cinema the image colours are vibrant.

About Lobby Cards

The Standard International size for a Lobby card is 11x14 inches, but in the UK we tend to use the 8x10 inch size (which technically is classed as a colour front of house still..but we still call them Lobby Cards over here!)

Press Kits

Press Kits were sent out to Cinemas to help promote the movie with a choice of advertising material such as 8x10 still photographs accompanied by movie synopsis and cut-outs for press adverts.


These are usually 8x10 inch black and white photographs which are normally sent out with press kits for the cinema to put up in their "front of house" displays


Most Banners are made from a Vinyl Material and ranging in quite large sizes to fill Cinema Walls.
Due to the length of the banners postage is normally quite high especially for International customers.

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