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THE FOX AND THE HOUND Cinema Quad Movie Poster THE FOX AND THE HOUND (Top Left) Cinema Quad Movie Poster THE FOX AND THE HOUND (Top Right) Cinema Quad Movie Poster THE FOX AND THE HOUND (Bottom Left) Cinema Quad Movie Poster THE FOX AND THE HOUND (Bottom Right) Cinema Quad Movie Poster THE FOX AND THE HOUND (Back) Cinema Quad Movie Poster


“The Fox And The Hound”

Original Quad Poster - Film Poster - Movie Poster - Cinema Poster

Size : 30 x 40 inches / 76 x 101 cm approx. (BRITISH QUAD POSTER)

YEAR : 1981
Director : Art Stevens, Ted Berman, Richard Rich (Disney)

Cast Info:

Mickey Rooney (voice), Kurt Russell (voice), Pearl Bailey (voice), Jack Albertson (voice), Sandy Duncan (voice), Jeanette Nolan (voice)


Light vertical crease from top to bottom down through the center of the poster, numerous tiny light Brown specks of damp (foxing) on the back of the first 6 inches (15 cm) of the left of the poster (some of these are visible on the front around the bottom left corner area the rest are mainly in the dark tree area and are only really noticeable upon close inspection or backlit), 5 x 1 cm strip of print loss and a 1 cm strip of print loss within the grassy area on the right along with a tiny spot of print loss, several small pieces of white paper (probably originally from a single sheet of paper) stuck on the surface of a 12 x 5 inch (30 x 13 cm) area on right of the poster (between the right edge and just right of the rifle) the largest piece is a 7 x 4 cm triangular piece above the foxes tail (these could possibly be removed with the correct solvent and knowledge), light 3 cm diagonal crease across the top left corner, approximately 10 extremely tiny tears and extremely mild edge wear on the top edge, 1 cm diagonal crease and some additional creasing around the top right corner, very mild creasing/edge wear on the right edge including a 4 cm crease at the center of the edge, mild creasing on the bottom edge, small patch of blu-tac grease/residue just right of the foxes rear leg, a little blu-tac grease/residue near every corner and the center of the top and bottom edges, horizontal band of surface creasing completely across the central third of the poster, 8 x 4 cm area of tiny light Brown spots of damp (foxing) around the top center, small patch of surface paper loss along with blu-tac grease/residue on the back of every corner and the back of the center of every edge (only noticeable on the front if the poster is held up to the light / backlit), 10 x 1 cm diagonal strip of surface paper paper loss on the back of the bottom center (this is very lightly visible on the front… More so if the poster is held to light/backlit), tiny greyish spot in the sky to the left of the woman’s thighs, some dark marks in the blue background just above the hound text (possibly blu-tac grease), otherwise good.

Double Sided :


Rolled or Folded :


Price: £20.00

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